When Did She Become a Butterfly?

This summer we’ve had an unusual number of weekend road trips.  And budgets being tight, we find our family squeezing into small hotel rooms on our journeys.  Which means…sharing a bed with my kids.  And by sharing, I mean clinging to a meager 6″ of bed hoping not to fall onto the dirty hotel floor or suffer a ruptured spleen from all the kick-boxing.

My younger daughter has always been a cuddler but not the older one.  And sharing a bed with my older daughter has made me acutely aware of exactly how many sharp parts she has.  Arms, legs, elbows, knees…they are all long, lean and well, sharp.

And so, the next morning, I am not in a particularly open-minded positive mood.  And at the free continental breakfast, after a long night of not sleeping, I’m thinking maybe she should sleep in a chair the next night.  But as she returns to the table with her juice and bagel, I suddently notice how truly beautiful she is.   Not sharp and pokey or selfishly stealing the covers.  But lovely with a warm smile that sends her dimples clear to the back of her head.  Graceful and caring, sweet, smart and strong.  And in that instant I am no longer tired, I am no longer cranky, I am no longer thinking we are never doing this again!

In that instant, I am counting my blessings that I’ve gotten to watch her transformation into a beautiful butterfly and that we’ve gotten to travel together this summer.

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